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Haruno Sakura
28 March
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Sakura has short pink hair and bright green eyes. She is in great shape physically. She is 5' 5". She has a relatively small chest, but no one would dare tease her for it (she'd beat the crap out of them if they did).

She prefers to wear red clothes, and usually nothing too girly unless it is a special occasion. Makeup is scarce, another thing for special occasions. Jewelry typically falls in this category as well. She would rather wear her hair down, unless work requires her to wear it up.
Sakura is a strong, determined, and loving young woman. She would protect the ones she loves with her life, doing anything to keep them safe. She abhors feeling useless, always swearing to become stronger so as to avoid being useless. She also has a terrible temper and can become violent when angry. She also suffers from some volatile mood swings due to this temper of hers. She has no patience for people badmouthing those she loves, and will immediately step up to defend them. She will never give up on her goals.

Sakura enjoys studying, especially to advance her skills as a medic. She also likes spending time with her friends, of course. Studying her medical books serves two purposes, as she both enjoys the activity and it allows her to be more useful to those around her. Not that she’s a total bookworm, just studious and a good student.

While Sakura is fairly friendly, she is not incredibly apt to party. She prefers more intimate time with those close to her as opposed to large gatherings. She also doesn’t have much patience for large groups, especially when they’re partying. This is not to say she’s a shut in. She can be convinced to go out to such gatherings, she just isn’t likely to decide to go on her own or organize anything more than a birthday party.
When Sakura was young she was often bullied for having a large forehead. Yamanaka Ino finally came to her aide. Ino gave Sakura a ribbon that was intended to help the girl accent the cute features of her forehead, as opposed to continuing to hide it, letting everyone know how much their remarks hurt her. The two girls became very close, best friends. However, Sakura always felt she was somewhat living in Ino's shadow. When Sakura found out that Ino liked the same boy she did, Uchiha Sasuke, she ended her friendship with Ino, declaring they were now rivals in love.

Several years later, Sakura was assigned to genin Team 7 with Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto, being taught by Hatake Kakashi. At first, she started with a strong hatred of Naruto and a deep infatuation with Sasuke. However, the test for the three to actually become genin made her realize she had to work with both of them, they had to be a team. The first mission away from the village for Team 7 was to protect a bridge builder named Tazuna on his way home to the Land of the Waves. Here they ran into the S-ranked criminal named Momochi Zabuza. It was also discovered here that while Sakura may not be physically strong like Sasuke and Naruto, or have as much stamina as Naruto, she had the best chakra control out of the group. The team survived the mission that was out of their rank, growing stronger and closer.

Not long after the team's return from the Land of the Waves, they were nominated by Kakashi to participate in the chunnin exams. At first, Sakura had no want to participate, acknowledging she was far too weak to participate in such a contest. However, with some encouragement from Sasuke she decided she would participate. The first portion of the chunnin exam, the written test, came easily to Sakura. She was one of the only people to not have to cheat to get the answers. She knew, however, that Naruto was not smart enough to pass the test on his own, nor would he ever cheat. When it was announced that those who did not pass the written portion would never have the chance to become chunnin again, Sakura almost gave up (which would have disqualified her whole team) for Naruto's sake, knowing his dream was to become Hokage. However, Naruto said he would not give up, inspiring several others to stay instead of leaving. In the end, that was the test, and the written exam actually had no baring on anything. During the next portion of the exam, Team 7 was almost immediately attacked by Orochimaru, whom Sasuke and Naruto both fell to in battle, leaving Sakura to take care of them. The next morning the team was attacked by the genin team from Sound Village. Sakura tried to defend her team, but was too weak. When Rock Lee came to her aide, he was defeated as well. Tsuchi Kin then grabbed Sakura by her long hair as her teammate went after the unconcious Sasuke. Upset that everyone had to protect Sakura, she swore she would become stronger, and to get away from Kin and to show her determination she cut off her hair. Team 10 then jumped into help her as Sasuke awoke, then attacking the Sound team in a rage. Sakura grabbed him, begging him through tears to please stop. In the third portion of the chunnin exam, the preliminary fights, Sakura was matched against her rival Ino. It was a tough fight that Sakura almost lost when she was possessed by Ino's Mind Body Switch Jutsu, but her Inner Sakura pushed Ino out of her mind. In the end, the girls' fight ended in a draw, leaving the girls to rekindle their friendship.

When Konoha was invaded by Orochimaru's forces, Sakura was one of the few genin to repel the sleep inducing genjutsu, thanks to her great chakra control. She was then assigned to wake up Naruto and several others so that they may follow Sasuke who had run after Gaara. When they finally did catch up to Sasuke, Sakura tried to protect Sasuke, ending up being trapped bu Gaara's sand, which slowly was suffocating her. She was finally saved, giving credit to Sasuke at first. However, Sasuke let her know that Naruto was the one who saved her, and showing just how much her opinion of Naruto had changed, she thanked him.

Not long after when Sasuke planned to leave the village, Sakura realized what he was doing. She met him the night he left at the village gates trying to convince him to stay. She confessed she loved him and would help him gain power to defeat his brother, so long as it meant she could be with him. Sasuke knocked her unconscious. The next morning, a team was gathered to go after Sasuke. Sakura wished to go, but Shikamaru wouldn't let her. Naruto made the "promise of a lifetime", telling Sakura he would bring Sasuke back. After Naruto returns and is laying in the hospital, he apologizes to Sakura for failing in bringing Sasuke back and says he will keep his promise to her. Sakura realizes how little she helped, how little she did to keep Sasuke in Konoha, and promises that next time the two of them will bring Sasuke back to Konoha together. She then goes to Tsunade, asking for the woman to take her on as her apprentice. Tsunade agrees, and Sakura begins her training to become a medic nin under Tsunade.

Two and a half years later, Naruto returns to the village from his training with Jiraiya. Sakura is one of the first people to greet him. The two are then once more put to Kakashi's bell test, this time winning.

Almost immediately after, Team Kakashi is sent to Sunagakure to help after Gaara has been captured by Akatsuki. Sakura immediately heals Kankuro from being poisoned by Sasori, saving his life. The team then meets up with Chiyo and go in search of Gaara. While Naruto and Kakashi went off to fight Deidara after finding the Akatsuki members that captured gaara, Chiyo and Sakura stay to fight Sasori. Being guided by Chiyo's chakra strings and using her immense strength, Sakura was able to beat Sasori after a long and exhausting fight. Sasori told her that he was to meet with someone he had sent to spy on Orochimaru in ten days with his dying breath as a reward for defeating him. Chiyo then gave her life to revive Gaara, telling Sakura that she would someday surpass her her master as a kunoichi.

Team Kakashi, now led by Yamato and joined by Sai, went to meet the spy Sasori told them about. It ended up being a trap, the spy being Kabuto, not on the side of Akatsuki, but still on Orochimaru's side. During the ensuing battle, Naruto transformed into the Kyuubi, shocking Sakura who had never seen the transformation before. She tried to stop Naruto, trying and proclaiming she would save Sasuke for him, but Naruto was beyond hearing her and injured her. After her wound was mostly healed and Naruto had returned to his normal form, Sakura asked Yamato if there was anything she could do to help Naruto. She was told her feelings for Naruto were enough. The team finally found Sasuke, who had no interest in coming back home to Konoha. Sakura went to attack Sasuke, trying to being him back home, but Yamato stopped her. Orochimaru appeared, and Sasuke disappeared. Not crying when he left this time, despite Naruto's tears, Sakura swore they would bring Sasuke back because she would get stronger aw well.

After Asuma's death and Naruto using his Wind Release: Rasenshuriken, Sakura is healing Naruto's arm, distraught at the damaga the jutsu caused his chakra system. She berates Naruto, telling him not to use that technique anymore, and then offers to feed him ramen at Ichiraku. It never happens as Sai begins feeding Naruto, and then Kakashi appears and feeds him. As they walk out, they are confronted by Konohamaru who shows Naruto his new sexy technique. To head off being hit by a disgusted Sakura, he displays his Sexy: Double Knockout Guys Technique, taking the form of a naked Sasuke and Sai in a suggestive embrace. Sakura has a rather surprising reaction by reaction like Jiraiya would to a normal sexy jutsu.

After word is recieved by Konoha that Sasuke killed Orochimaru and left Sound, Sakura joins a team to go find Sasuke. The search comes up fruitless in the end, as the team is intercepted by Tobi, who had already taken Sasuke away.

After Jiraiya’s death, Sakura did her best to comfort both Tsunade and Jiraiya. She also worked on deciphering Jiraiya’s code. When Pain attacked Konoha, Sakura did her best to heal everyone she could. However, in the end she could only watch as Naruto confronted Pain and all the deceased from the battle were brought back to life.

Once Naruto returned from his encounter with Pain, she had to regretfully inform her teammate of Tsunade's condition. Not long after, the Kumo nins show up. They tell her and Naruto of the crimes committed by Sasuke, at which she is devastated. She begins to cry upon being asked just what Sasuke is to her.

When Naruto leaves to go to the meeting of the five kages, Sai tells Sakura of Naruto's feelings for her and that it has only caused him pain. He and Shikamaru then tell her own Sasuke's actions can only bring war. They ask for her permission to kill Sasuke, and she tearfully agrees. She then goes to the land of Iron to tell Naruto about the decision. She tells Naruto that she loves him now, not Sasuke, so there is no need to continue going after their ex-teammate. However, Naruto refuses her confession, saying she is lying, and that even if she isn't he has his own reasons of pursuing Sasuke. Frustrated, Sakura becomes mad at Naruto and leaves. She then goes to Kiba, asking him to help her find Sasuke. She intends to kill him herself, perhaps earning the hatred of Naruto in return for her actions. She feels she is saving Sasuke from himself and protecting the ninja world from Sasuke's actions. She also feels she is relieving Naruto of his promise to her and that she deserves his hatred after all the pain she has caused him. When she, Kiba, Lee, and Sai finally do come upon Sasuke, she uses knockout gas on her teammates, determined to go up against Sasuke on her own. She approaches her ex-teammate telling him that she wishes to join him, even if it means she has betrayed Konoha. Suspicious of her, Sasuke instructs her to kill the injured Karin to prove her loyalty to him. She pretends she is going to do it, but then Karin warns her that Sasuke is about to kill Sakura. Kakashi saves her and tells her to heal Karin and then leave. Instead, she tries to sneak up on Sasuke and kill him herself. However, she is then paralyzed by memories of them together and is unable to do it. Sasuke grabs her, but just as he is about to kill her, Naruto rescues her. Sakura watches as Naruto promises Sasuke that they will one day die together in battle, and she is touched by his determination.

When they return to Konoha, Sakura is elated when Tsunade finally wakes up. She rushes around the village to tell everyone.

Now with Naruto gone to train, she is left in Konoha to help rebuild.
Name: Sakura Haruno
Age: 16
Timeperiod: Post time skip, the current point in the manga..
Occupation: Kunoichi
Height: 5' 5"
Bloodtype: O
Likes: studying, her friends, medicine
Dislikes: annoying people, being insulted, rude people, picking up Tsunade's slack
Eyes: Emerald green
Hair: Cotton candy pink
Personality: strong, friendly, motherly, violent, caring, protective
Talents/abilities: healing, chakra control, superhuman strength
Love Interest: None

Kidnap? You can try.
Noncon? She might beat the shit out of you, but you're welcome to try...
Angst? Maybe
Attack? You can try, but she's a spit fire.
Kill? We can discuss it.
Het, yaoi, yuri? All please!
Rating? Anything goes with her.

Any other notes? n/a

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Dislaimer: Original character property Masashi Kishimoto, played for salkia_island.
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