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Blossom 2

It seems an apartment was set up for me. Looks like no one else lives here either, at least not that I've seen in the past few days.

So what's the deal with these "monies"? And... also what happened with everyone's voices... Does stuff like this happened often?

Blossom 1- [VIDEO]

[Legs can be seen. Legs covered in black boots. The image is tilted. One leg steps forward slightly.

A sigh. It is a sound between frustration and resignation.]

This place... It seems familiar. But I know it isn't Konoha. Still, there are some familiar chakra signatures. That's good. Except...

Sasuke... [Her voice is choked as she speaks the name.]

[[OOC: Basically, Sakura is having deja vu. She doesn't remember being here before, not really, but she will probably remember later. She will just need some prodding.]]

Tenth Spring Breeze

[Private to Kakashi]
Kakashi-sensei... Sasuke-kun... He's here...

Ninth Spring Breeze

Merry Christmas. I hope everyone remains healthy and safe and happy.

ooc: Sakura's present listCollapse )

Eighth Spring Breeze

Which the sudden drop in temperature, everyone, please be sure to keep yourselves healthy. If you start to feel under the weather, the clinic is always open to you. I'm usually there.

[Private to Kakashi]
Kakashi-sensei, I was wondering if you'd shopped for your secret santa gift yet.
Tsukino Usagi. I'm supposed to be getting her a present. Is there anyone that knows her that could give me some hints on what she might like?

Sixth Spring Breeze- [Video]

[The LP clicks on, the static finally gone. Instead, Sakura is sitting on a bed, in what can only be assumed to be her bedroom. Her hair is hanging in front of her face, hiding just what expression she holds. She is sloughed forward slightly, shoulders slumped, in a posture of loneliness and fatigue.

She says nothing, just continuing to sit there, face hidden from the world, but obviously distressed in some manner.]

Fifth Spring Breeze- [Video.... kinda]

[Only static is emitted from this LP.]

[[ooc: For those that don't know, Sakura is going to be gone until Thursday, getting a canon update. Until then, LP continues to emit static, and she is no where to be found, though all her things are in her apartment/room. Feel free to respond to this, but there will be no response except more static.]]

Fourth Spring Breeze- [Accidental Video]

[Sakura is walking ahead, though the picture is shaky, as if the LP is being jostled about.]

Well, here we are, Chansey.

[The LP pans up to show a building- the clinic run by the old Sakura.]

You ready to fix this place up?


[The camera bobs up and down rather quickly and suddenly. Sakura turns to face the pokemon.]

Let's get to work then.

...Huh, why are you holding that?

[The LP pans up once more to look into Sakura's face.]

Chansey chan~


[She quickly reaches for the LP, her hand covering the lens. There is darkness for a moment before the feed cuts off.]